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LYMPHEDEMA AND BREAST CANCER TREATMENT: Swelling Causes - Lymphoedema Exercises - Prevention



Lymphedema is a usual side effect of a mastectomy, a lymph nodes biopsy or radiation therapy used to fight breast cancer symptoms and prevent cancer from spreading all over the body. In recent years when more than 85% of women undergoing treatment for breast cancer survive more than five years, the long-term adaptation to the consequences of the treatment is becoming increasingly important. It has been shown that because the effects of therapy make up the physical and psychological trauma of the disease, provoking the resumption of a normal physical and emotional life, it is very important to avoid as much as we can the appearance of any consequence. 
This book has the purpose to give you the information that will enable you to learn 
1) To what extent it is normal what you feel after surgery and when to seek medical help 
2) How common is lymphedema after mastectomy and who are the most likely to develop lymphedema 
3) When lymphedema occurs 
4) How to notice in time an incipient lymphedema 
5) What are the appropriate exercises you can do, after your surgery and on, to increase the mobility of your arm, to reduce existing swelling and to prevent lymphedema 
6) What treatment you can follow when lymphedema appears 
7) What precautions you can take to avoid lymphedema 
8) What type of regular exercise and physical activity is appropriate for you 
This book can provide you with essential knowledge to help you avoid or reduce unpleasant consequences of the breast cancer therapy. All these information are based on articles and researches of the last 5 years, in order to keep you informed on the current updates on lymphedema

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